What is tele-psychiatry?

  • It is more than talking on the phone or using FaceTime, as those are not secure methods of communicating health information.
  • I use a secure, HIPPA compliant, private connection, that uses a personal code for your appointment to access. 
  • You will not need to down load anything, but you will need to allow access to your microphone and camera. 
  • The most important part of having a good experience with clear audio and video is to have a good WIFI connection available.  This means not downloading or streaming video or audio at the same time of your appointment.  

When scheduling, select Tele-psychiatry Initial Evaluation or Follow up. Meet me in the virtual waiting room at your scheduled time, using the private and secure link that will be sent to you in a reminder before your appointment. 


  • Have one browser open, and do not have several programs running on your computer.
  • Do not have multiple Bluetooth audio devices running or it will interfere with the audio.
  • You want to make sure you have a good internet connection (WIFI). 
  • A laptop or desktop computer works better than a phone or iPad . Clear your caches and close out multiple browsers and other video conference software.
  • If you use your phone make sure you are on wifi. Your LTE, 4G, 5G connection is better than spotty wifi. 
  • A wired headset will work better than Bluetooth, though Bluetooth can be used, it can interfere with the audio.​

You  will want to test out your device, internet connection and speed, before the appointment to make sure it functions well for you. Otherwise, an in person appointment might be more appropriate.  Be aware that by law, controlled substances of any kind, cannot be prescribed via telepsychiatry without an in person appointment. Telemedicine is covered by BCBS, Regence, Moda, Pacific Source and Cigna. Regular fees apply.